Opening CSV Files

A csv file is basically a regular text file that represents some organized information. It uses commas as a sort of "punctuation" for data. When you divide the columns of a database and join them with commas, they are very easy to import into another format or even much easier to read on their own.

How Can I Use CSV Files?

The easiest way is probably to open them in a spreadsheet program (like Microsoft Excel).

  • Open Microsoft Excel
  • Go to "File" and "Open".
  • Find the file on your hard drive and double-click it.
  • At this point your software will likely ask you if this data is "delimited" or "fixed width". Choose "delimited".
  • Now you may be asked to choose a delimiter. Choose "comma".
  • If you are given the option to choose a character set (or encoding) select Unicode or UTF-8
  • Click "Finish" and then you're done. The info should appear on your screen in a neatly formatted fashion.

At this point you can move columns, resize them, delete them or do whatever you like with them.