Refund Policy

The refund policy for paid WunderCounter accounts is as follows:

1. All paid account packages are to be paid in advance to

2. An account removal is defined as either the deletion of the account (by either the account holder or or as an email request from the account holder to have said account removed.

3. In order to receive a refund, a specific refund request must be made by the holder of the account within 60 days following the account removal. Refund requests must be sent via email to [email protected] before they can be processed.

4. Accounts which are removed by because they are in violation of an applicable legal agreement between the account holder and will not be eligible for any refund, in full or in part.

5. Duplicate transactions will be refunded or voided as soon as becomes aware of such transactions and is able to process them.

6. Accounts which are paid monthly ("month-to-month") are eligible for a full refund if they are cancelled within the first 7 days of the initial transaction, provided the account has not been used to gather statistics.

7. If an account holder removes a month-to-month account and has already begun to use any service within said account no refund will be applicable for said account.

8. Accounts which are paid multiple months in advance (eg. 6 or 12 months) are eligible for a full refund of any unused months upon removal of the account.

9. Accounts which are past due may be removed by without notice.

Amounts to be refunded to an account holder pursuant to the above provisions will be refunded to said account holder within 30 days following the end of the month during which the refund request was received. Payments made by cheque, money order or cashier's cheque will be refunded by cheque. Payments made using PayPal will be refunded using PayPal. Payments made using a credit card will be refunded back to the same credit card which was used to make the original payment.