Wunder Free Accounts

The WunderCounter is happy to announce that Free Counters are back. This site started out as a free counter service and it has now gone back to its roots. Premium and Invsible accounts are still available and have all of the same, cool features, but Free accounts are now also available.

Wunder Free counters are plain HTML, graphical counters. These are the types of counters you can use on Myspace, LiveJournal, eBay or pretty much any site which allows you to add image URLs to its pages.

Wunder Free accounts offer you a quick and easy way to add slick, graphical web counters to your site(s). Free accounts do not include IP trackers, invisible counters, log files or any sophisticated visitor tracking. If you need this sort of information, please have a look at the Premium and Invisible accounts.

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You can add, remove and reset your graphical counters at any point and you may choose from any of the following styles: