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WunderCounter New Geo Reports: Stats Newsletter #50

This message originally sent on: Wednesday, Feb 1, 2006

I've got lots of good stuff to tell you about today. Let's start with the brand new reports which are available as of right now:

Hits by DMA

DMA stands for "Designated Marketing Area". DMAs are used by the Nielson company when calculating TV ratings in North America. How are DMAs useful to you? The DMA report will break down your US traffic and show you which metropolitan areas your US traffic comes from. This report is most helpful to you if:
  • your web site offers a localized service in the US (eg. you offer plumbing supplies and only service certain areas)
  • you would like to track the success of ads which you are running on US TV, radio, print media, etc. (eg. you are running radio ads in Los Angeles and you need to measure how much of your site traffic is coming from the greater L.A. area)
(Premium only)

Hits by City

Hits by City works in much the same way as the DMA report, but this report is international. It breaks down your site traffic by city for any country in which you have web traffic (except Hong Kong) . You also have the option to show only the cities in any given state/province/region of the country which you are viewing. This report will default to the country in which you reside. So, if you signed up with an address in Australia, your report will initially show you results for Australia. At this point you may narrow down your search within Australia or choose a different country. (Premium only)

Hits by State/Province/Region

This report is similar to the Hits by City report. It differs in that it offers you a summary of traffic for any country based on the state, province or region of the traffic, depending on which designation is appropriate for the country. (Premium only)

Link Exchange Opportunity

Link exchanges can help you to send more traffic to your web site. They can also help you increase your Google PageRank. PageRank is basically one way which Google has of measuring the "importance" of your web site. Inside your WunderCounter account, I've listed more than 450 web sites which have link exchange programs. To get in on the link exchange, log in to the WunderCounter and choose "Link Exchange" from the "Options" menu. Once you see the list of sites, find a topic which is related to your web site and click on the "add link" text beside the listing. This will bring you to the link exchange form for that particular web site.

Links back to user sites (ie back to your web site) will be displayed according to PageRank from highest to lowest, so if you'd like your link to show up higher on the list, you must link back to the site from a page of your own which has a high PageRank. For an easy way to discover the PageRank of your own web pages, download the Google toolbar: http://toolbar.google.com If you want the theories on how PageRank works, just google the term "pagerank" and be prepared to do some serious reading. This link exchange program is free to join. (Premium and Invisible)

RSS out of Beta Mode

I've officially moved the RSS stats feed out of Beta mode. The RSS feeds are stable and have been working quite well for many months now. If you'd like to get access to stats updates without logging in to the WunderCounter, I encourage you to try out the RSS. You'll find it under the "Options" menu after you have logged in to your account. (Premium only)

Completely Unrelated

My band, Vile Richard, has recently finished recording a new CD. VIEW Magazine calls it:

"...intellectually driven, quirky folk songs that can be simultaneously cute and bittersweet, fraught with literary allusion and sung with sentimentality."

Ric Taylor, VIEW Magazine, (Hamilton, ON, Canada) Sept 2005

The CD, called "How to Find and Fascinate a Mistress" can be previewed and purchased as of right now at http://cdbaby.com/cd/vilerichard Discs generally ship within a few days of purchase. More info is available at www.vilerichard.com

That's all for today!

All the best,


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