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WunderCounter Extended Support: Stats Newsletter #49

This message originally sent on: Thursday, June 9, 2005

The purpose of this message is to inform you of the latest changes and improvements at the WunderCounter. Please read on as this newsletter contains important information about your account.

Extended Telephone Support

In addition to the existing toll-free telephone support for North America, I've now added a European telephone number for WunderCounter support. If you're in the UK or elsewhere outside of North America, this number may be a more cost-effective way for you to reach WunderCounter support. To summarize, here are the available support numbers:

866 503 2204 (toll-free North America)
416 944 8306 (direct)
020 7871 7647 (direct - London, UK) *NEW*

If you're unsure of how to dial a UK number from your current location, you can use this page to get the proper dialing sequence:

These numbers are always listed at the top of the page at WunderCounter.com

Support via Skype

If you're a Skype user and you require WunderCounter support, you can call or message the Skype name "wundersolutions" at no charge using your Skype software. If you don't use Skype, I'd encourage you to try it out (it's free): http://www.skype.com (Premium and Invisible Accounts only)

IP GeoLocator Database Updated

The database which provides you with country/city/state information has now been updated to the very latest version. I've decided, from this point on, to update the database monthly as new versions are released. This will keep the data that you're provided with as current as possible.

WorldPay Payment Gateway Added

In order to make payments easier for folks outside of North America, I've added the WorldPay Payment gateway. This means that users who don't use PayPal and don't have a credit card through a North American bank will have an easier time getting their payments approved. The WorldPay gateway is now the default gateway for credit card payments (Visa and Mastercard). If you need to pay with Discover or American Express, you still have the option to do so, using the Authorize.NET gateway. All payment options can be found after you log in to your account. Choose "Billing" from the "Options" menu on your main stats page.

Easier Invoicing Options

If you make your payments by cheque or money order you'll find the process has gotten much easier. Using the new "Invoice Wizard" you may now create and print off an invoice in the currency of your choice. The invoice must accompany your payment. The invoicing tool can also be found under the various payment options. All payment options can be found after you log in to your account. Choose "Billing" from the "Options" menu on your main stats page.

Completely Unrelated

If you're going to be in Ontario, Canada over the next month or so, stop by and say hello. I'll be playing several dates with my band. A comprehensive list of dates can be found at vilerichard.com

Coming Soon

In addition to features that have already been requested, look for some podcasting tools to come online very soon and find out how you can exchange links with one of my newest and biggest projects. That's all for today!

All the best,

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