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WunderCounter Private RSS Feeds: Stats Newsletter #48

This message originally sent on: Wednesday, Feb 16, 2005

The purpose of this message is to inform you of the latest changes and improvements at the WunderCounter. Please read on as this newsletter contains important information about your account.

WunderCounter Private RSS Feeds

WunderCounter Private RSS Feeds deliver web traffic updates right to your desktop. Using WunderCounter Private RSS, you can monitor your site traffic without using a web browser. You can share the RSS Feed with your friends and co-workers so that they can monitor your stats as well. You can even use RSS to keep track of your home or office IP number.

To start your RSS Feed or to find out more about RSS feeds are and how they work, choose "RSS" from the "Options" menu of your main stats page after logging into your account. There is no extra charge for using RSS feeds. (Premium accounts)


Wouldn't it be handy to get an overview of your web traffic without logging into your account? Do you want friends or potential advertisers to have an idea of what your traffic is like without giving them access to your account?

Using your exclusive WunderLink URL you can bookmark your personal stats summary page and refresh it in your web browser whenever you'd like, giving you instant access to your latest traffic. You do not need to be logged in to view this information.

WunderLink will also be instantly linked to your RSS Feeds if you have subscribed to both WunderLink and WunderCounter Private RSS.

To activate your WunderLink, choose "WunderLink Stats Summaries" from the "Options" menu of your main stats page after logging into your account. There is no extra charge for WunderLink. (Premium and Invisible accounts)

That's all for today!

All the best,

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