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IP to Country/State/City and More: Stats Newsletter #47

This message originally sent on: Thursday, Dec 9, 2004

The purpose of this message is to inform you of the latest changes and improvements at the WunderCounter. Please read on as this newsletter contains important information about your account.

WunderSolutions Christmas Party!

Okay, before I get to the official stuff, if you're in the Toronto area this weekend, please stop on by the WunderSolutions/Morph Productions Christmas party. I've teamed up with Toronto music producer Ashton Price to throw a party at Holy Joe's on the evening of Sunday, Dec 12th. Admission is free, there will be some edibles and my band will be playing on a bill with some really talented singer/songwriters and off-beat musicians.

I've had the chance to meet some WunderCounter users over the past year and it's always great to put a name to a face (face to a name?) So, come on by and introduce yourself! Links and info can be found at my band's site: http://VileRichard.com

IP GeoLocator Service

Depending on where in the world your visitors are coming from, it is often possible to narrow down their approximate geographic location to a state or even a city. If you have a Premium account, just click on any IP address in your Daily or Page stats logs to get even more information on where your visitors are located. I've added these links just this week and I have to admit that even I'm hooked on them.

In addition to the state and city names these report pages give even more information about a visitor's location, including region names, area codes, country dialing codes, postal codes and currency exchange rates. The currency information is updated on a daily basis in order to be reasonably accurate. You can view the position of any location on a world map. Very handy.

alternatively, choose "IP Geolocator" from the "More Stats" menu to get the same report. This form will also allow you to enter any IP address or domain name of your choosing. Stats junkies will find it addictive! (Premium accounts -- Invisible accounts may demo the feature during December 2004)


Also added to the "More Stats" menu is the Calendar report. This report (a user-requested feature) lays out one month at a time in an easy to read format. Choose from the present month or any past month since you've been using the WunderCounter. (Premium and Invisible)

Yearly Summary

Travel further down the "More Stats" menu and you'll find the Yearly Summary report. This report lays out up to 12 months side by side to give you a better visual idea of annual traffic patterns. Choose from the present year or any past year since you've been using the WunderCounter. (Premium and Invisible)

Download Log Files

If you'd like to keep your stats recorded on your own computer, choose this feature from the "Options" menu. It will allow you to download your last 20,000 hits in a tab-delimited text file. This is a format which can easily be used with Excel or other spreadsheet programs or databases. (Premium)

Printer-Friendly Pages

When I originally built the WunderCounter I didn't realize how many people were printing their reports for meetings and for personal records. After many emails, this has become clear to me. :-) I've added a Printer Friendly Version link to the bottom of the most pages of the WunderCounter. Follow this link and you'll see a report laid out on a clean, white background with only the essential information on display. Makes reports look pretty and saves on ink! (Premium)

Toll-Free Telephone Support

Earlier in 2004 I was pleased to announce the availability of telephone support. It worked out so well that I'm now offering Toll-Free telephone support for Invisible and Premium accounts, from 9 am to 5 pm EST, Monday to Friday. If I'm not able to take your call, I *will* get back to you. Just make sure you leave me your username (and also your telephone country code, if you're calling from outside of North America). Numbers are as follows:

866 503 2204 (toll-free North America)
416 944 8306 (direct)

These numbers are always listed at the top of the page at WunderCounter.com There aren't a lot of companies online that will give you telephone support, but the WunderCounter isn't like all of the others. :-)

Web Browsers

I've added FireFox to the list of browsers that are detected by the WunderCounter. By the way, if you haven't tried FireFox, I can't recommend it strongly enough. After 10 minutes of using it, I switched to FireFox as my main web browser. http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/central.html

Browser stats are found on your main stats page by choosing Web Browsers from the More Stats menu.

New Hardware

We've recently added another dedicated server, a load balancer and a Cisco switch to the WunderCounter network. The result is a faster, more stable system that seems to be performing quite well.

Coming Soon

I plan to add more hardware over the coming months as traffic begins to grow and as new services and reports are offered. I've been in touch with some of you about new feature requests that are scheduled to be added over the coming months. I'll keep you posted as these new features are added -- I'm sure they'll be of use to many WunderCounter users. That's all for today!

All the best,

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