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Telephone Support and Enhanced Features: Stats Newsletter #46

This message originally sent on: Feb 20, 2004

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The purpose of this message is to inform you of the latest changes and improvements at the WunderCounter. Please read on as this newsletter contains important information about your account.
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Telephone Support

Telephone support for the WunderCounter is now available for Invisible and Premium accounts, from 9 am to 5 pm EST, Monday to Friday. If I'm not able to take your call, I *will* get back to you. Just make sure you leave me your username (and also your telephone country code, if you're calling from outside of North America). The telephone support number is (416) 944 8306. It is also listed on your main stats page, under the Contact Info menu.

Country Stats

I recently began using a new database to determine the country of origin of your web visitors. The new stats are more accurate and more comprehensive.

Premium users will also notice that I've added a world map, as well as maps of several continents and regions of the world. When you view the maps, the size of the circles on the map indicates relatively how much traffic you are getting from each country.

On a related note, it *is* possible to determine with about 70% accuracy, from which city your American and Canadian visitors are coming. Please let me know if this is information you do or do not require by participating in the web poll on the main login page.

Country stats are found on your main stats page by choosing Hits by Country from the More Stats menu.

Alexa Reports

Ever wonder how much web traffic your competitors are getting? Want to know how your web site compares to every other web site on the Internet? Alexa can get you started. Just to make things easy for you, I've got some Alexa stats ready for you at the WunderCounter. Just choose Alexa Reports from the More Stats menu on your main stats page to see what I mean.

Web Browsers

I've added several web crawlers/robots to the list of browsers that are detected by the WunderCounter. I've also added several browsers that are in use by people surfing the web with cell phones. If you know of a browser that is currently not being detected, please let me know so that I may add it to the list of detected browsers.

Browser stats are found on your main stats page by choosing Web Browsers from the More Stats menu.

Isolate Visitors

The Isolate Visitor function is available to Premium accounts. When going through your page stats, this function allows you to trace the path of a given visitor through your web site. By request, I've made a couple of changes to this report. The report now shows the length of time spent on each page, as well as a summary for how much time the user spent on your site.

The Isolate function determines that someone has left your web site if they haven't visited one of your pages for more than 5 minutes. By request, I've added the option for you to change this time limit to something you feel is more appropriate to your web site. You can make these changes directly from the "Isolate Visitor" report, at the bottom of the page.

New Hardware

I've recently added a new, dedicated database server to the WunderCounter. It's working quite well and the system is now even better equipped to handle fluctuating traffic patterns.

New Music

I've recently finished recording a CD with my band, Vile Richard. Sample clips can be heard at http://www.vilerichard.com/music/listen/ and you can order the CD online at http://www.wundercart.com/store/vilerichard/ I would, of course, encourage you to order a copy for yourself right away. ;-)

Coming soon
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That's all for today!

All the best,

Olaf Alders
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