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Bandwidth/Daily Caps: Stats Newsletter #45

This message originally sent on: Tuesday, October 7, 2003

The purpose of this message is to inform you of the latest changes and improvements at the WunderCounter. Please read on as this newsletter contains important information about your account.

Bandwidth Limits (Daily Traffic Caps) at the WunderCounter

The WunderCounter tracks hundreds of thousands of hits every day. Most of the sites which generate these hits have average traffic patterns. However, there are a few sites which are much busier than average. Web sites that have heavy traffic create the greatest burden on system resources. In order to minimize the impact of heavy sites on WunderCounter resources, I've decided to introduce a system of traffic/bandwidth caps. This ensures that:

  • the WunderCounter system remains stable
  • no single account can drain resources meant to be used by everyone
Bandwidth caps are broken down in the following manner:

Account TypeHits/day
Premium High Volume7,500 - 20,000

Any account that exceeds the allotted number of hits from midnight to midnight CST on any given day will be capped at its daily limit. For example, if your account gets more than 100 hits in a 24-hour period (measured from midnight to midnight CST), only the first 100 hits will be tracked. Anything beyond this will not increase your counters or appear in the log files for your account on this particular day.

If you believe that your account may exceed its bandwidth cap in the near future, you may upgrade your account at any time -- it just takes a few minutes. You may upgrade this account to Invisible, Premium or Premium High Volume.

Free trials of the Premium account are also available. Just log in to your WunderCounter account and choose "Free Trial" from the Options menu to begin your free 31 day trial. If you opt for the free trial, your bandwidth cap will be raised to 5,000 for the next 31 days and you'll enjoy all of the other perks that belong to the Premium account.

Note: please send an email to wundersolutions.com if you think you may require a Premium High Volume account and I will get in touch with you to assess your needs and discuss pricing.

How Does this Affect You?
To get a better idea, log in to your account and choose "Monthly Summary" from the "More Stats" menu. This page will give you a brief overview of your site stats on a day to day basis. If you're unsure as to whether you should upgrade your account, just contact me and I can help you to assess the needs of your account. I'm also available to discuss upgrades by phone, so please let me know if you require a personal consultation.

When Will These Changes Take Place?
Bandwidth caps will go into effect for this account on: Tuesday, Oct 14, 2003 As of this date, any account which exceeds its cap will be notified via email as soon as the limit is reached on that particular day. So, its important to ensure that the email address you use for your WunderCounter account is live. You can change your contact email address at any time on the Account Options page, which is under the Options menu on your main stats page.

New Hardware
A second, dedicated server is on order and will be added to the WunderCounter system in the coming month. This will effectively double the amount of hardware which is used to run the site and will allow the WunderCounter to continue to grow over the coming months. Thank you for telling your friends and colleagues about the WunderCounter!

Coming soon
Email Alerts: Get notified by email when IP numbers (listed by you) browse your web site
Free Shopping Cart Trials: Get a free, one month trial of the WunderCart

That's all for today!

All the best,

Olaf Alders
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