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Great New Features: Stats Newsletter #44

This message originally sent on: Friday, September 12, 2003

The purpose of this message is to inform you of the latest features which have been added to the WunderCounter. All of these features are found under the "More Stats" menu on your main stats page.

Sticky Pages
This report gives you an indication of how long users remain on particular pages of your web site. Use this information to determine whether users are taking the time to read content on important pages. View a sample report: http://www.wundercounter.com/counter/ReportStickyPages/ (Premium Accounts)

Entry Pages
An Entry Page is the first page that a visitor views when coming to your web site. This report helps you to understand what people see *first* when visiting your web site. Use this report when deciding where to place information that users should see immediately upon arriving at your web site. View a sample report: http://www.wundercounter.com/counter/ReportEntryPages/ (Premium Accounts)

Exit Pages
An Exit Page is the last page that a visitor views when visiting your web site. This report helps you to understand where you are losing traffic. Use this report to find weak points in your web site. Popular exit pages may be slow loading, low on relevant content, difficult to view with some browsers or may present visitors with few options to navigate your site further. View a sample report: http://www.wundercounter.com/counter/ReportExitPages/ (Premium Accounts)

Page Sorting Options
Sort your pages by total hits or alphabetically, in ascending or descending order. (Premium Accounts)

Referring URL Sorting Options
When listing Referring URLs for your web site you can now refine your searches to show referring URLs for all pages combined or for individual pages. This can be helpful when trying to assess what sort of search engine traffic a certain page is getting. Further, you can filter your results to show either
  • all referring URLs
  • message board/forum referrers
  • webmail referrers

(Premium Accounts)

Keyword Sorting Options
Similarly, when listing Search Engine Keywords you may now refine your searches to show keywords for all pages combined or for individual pages. (Premium Accounts)

Coming soon:
Email Alerts: Get notified by email when IP numbers (listed by you) browse your web site
Free Shopping Cart Trials: Get a free, one month trial of the WunderCart

That's all for today!

All the best,

Olaf Alders
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