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Save if You Upgrade Before Weds, Aug 27: Stats Newsletter #43

This message originally sent on: Thursday, August 21, 2003

Save Money by Upgrading Before Wednesday, Aug 27, 2003
New fee structures will be put into place on Wednesday, Aug 27, 2003 To take advantage of the current prices, upgrade or register new Premium and Invisible accounts *before* this date. If your free trial expires after this date and you want to take advantage of current prices I encourage you to upgrade before Aug 27. The previous newsletter (which explains the latest developments) is archived at the WunderCounter. Just log in to your main stats page and you'll see the newsletter link below the drop down menus.

New Feature: Visitor Isolation
By request, I've added a feature that will allow you to follow an individual visitor as s/he surfs through your site. At the top of you page you'll find a summary of the users's software/OS and user-specific information. Below this is a listing of the various pages, in order, that this user visited on your site. Links to the "Isolate" feature are found on your page-based log pages, with links from daily files to be added soon. I've also added handy links from the page-based log files that allow you to ping visitors, check server headers, surf to web hosts, get advanced DNS information and conduct WHOIS lookups right from the user entries in the log files. Some of this is for advanced users but the Visitor Isolation is really cool. I just finished coding it this morning and I'm already hooked. :-) (Premium accounts only)

View samples of this new report and others here: http://www.wundercounter.com/counter/Demo/

New Feature: Files Hit Since Last Login
To make it easier for you to spot what changes have taken place in your traffic patterns the page-based log files that have changed since your last login are now flagged by an (*). This allows you to see right away which log files have new entries. It's a time saver and also allows you a better, immediate overview of what is happening at your site. (Premium and Invisible)

The Lights Went Out, but the WunderCounter Kept Tracking
I may be based in Toronto (where things went eerily quiet last week) but the WunderCounter lives in a Tier 1 data centre in St. Louis. although this area was unaffected by the loss of power in the East, the data center is equipped to handle power outages as well as other major problems which may arise. In other words, I've taken care to locate the WunderCounter in a facility is well equipped to keep your stats online in various circumstances. To read up on the WunderCounter's physical home, go to Cybercon.com

The web server is monitored every minute to ensure that it is still live and online and there is a standing order for staff to call me 24/7 night or day if the web server goes down. In addition to this, support staff are on hand 24/7 to handle any software or hardware maintenance that I am unable to take care of from Toronto. In the event that I'm not available to handle difficulties I have a WunderSolutions tech on hand to work in my place. Uptime is certainly a priority for the WunderCounter.

Free 2 Week Trials
To ease the transition from the old system to the new, I'm now offering free Premium trial accounts. You may now upgrade any Invisible or Regular account to Premium for a free 2 week trial. No credit information will be taken from you. If you want to stay with your Premium account, all you have to do is use the upgrade link on the Options menu of your main stats page at any point during your 2 week trial. After your 2 weeks have passed without an official upgrade taking place, your account will automatically be downgraded to Regular or Invisible, depending on which account you had prior to the free trial. No strings. Just test drive the account. If you like it, become a subscriber. If you don't, you can let me know why. But try to be nice about it. :-)

To take advantage of the free trial, just log in to your account and follow the instructions that appear after logging in.

Counter services purchased as of Aug 27 will reflect the new, increased prices. All prices currently listed at the WunderCounter are still in effect.

(To see a more visual breakdown of the new account structures, have a look at the WunderCounter Features page).

That's all for today!

All the best,

Olaf Alders
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