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Introducing the WunderCart: Stats Newsletter #41

This message originally sent on: Friday, July 11, 2003

The WunderCart (the latest addition to the Wunder family) is now online and accepting registrations:

Wunder Solutions releases the "Wunder" E-commerce product that you've been waiting for: the World Wide WunderCart.

Wunder Solutions, now serving over 9,500 World Wide members with its WunderCounter, delivers an advanced shopping cart solution right to your doorstep. The WunderCart offers user friendly administration as well as seamless integration with two of the Internet's most widely used credit card gateways: PayPal and AuthorizeNET. Support for other major gateways (including WorldPay) will follow in the coming months.

Just like the WunderCounter, the WunderCart requires no downloads or software installation. With the same Wunder level of support that you're accustomed to, it is an easy to use web solution that will have your site accepting money in no time at all.

However, this isn't just a regular shopping cart. Each WunderCart package includes one free Invisible WunderCounter account. The WunderCart also has pre-defined tax tables which will calculate tax on your sales if you choose to enable it. The WunderCart also allows you to set custom shipping prices for all of the items which you are selling via your WunderCart store. UPS shipping integration will follow shortly.

The WunderCart also includes a time saving thumbnail generator. When you upload full-sized images of your products the WunderCart automatically generates an accurate thumbnail of your image. This not only saves you from uploading thumbnail images yourself, but it also saves you the time required to create the thumbnails.

Logo uploads are just as easy. If you upload a logo which is too large, the WunderCart will automatically resize it rather than asking to upload another logo of the appropriate size.

Every wonder how you will organize your inventory? The WunderCart has no limit on the number of categories and sub-categories used for your WunderCart store. As a result, you may organize your products in a way that makes sense to you and will maximize the ease with which your customers will view your products online.

Do you sell subscription items? The WunderCart sells more than just products. It is also equipped to sell PayPal subscriptions and set up Authorize.NET recurring payments.

Need telephone support? Call us and get the information that you need. If you live in the United States or Canada you may also schedule a time to have a customer service representative call you. If you have any questions at all about the WunderCart, just send an email and we'll show you how shopping on the Internet just got easier!

For more information, just visit http://www.wundercart.com.

I've got more great changes planned for the coming months, but that's all for today!

Best wishes,

Olaf Alders

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